Our website is online: happy browsing among events, competitions and support to young musicians!

2 November 2023

The Korczak Institute for New Music website is online! Intuitive, user friendly and easy to browse, the website brings together the history of the Institute and its values and objectives, above all that of supporting and promoting the musical work of young artists, especially opera and classical music, which serves a higher good and has a positive social impact.


Particular attention was paid to awards and events planned and established by the Korczak Institute, such as the Korczak Prize for Music.
Inclusiveness, support, fairness and diversity are the institutes’s founding values and what guides our activity and presence, also online.
But we do not want to give too much away: we will let you browse the website and discover our entire world.


Greetings from Venice!

The Korczak Institute for New Music