Concert by the 2023 winners, Il sogno di Korczak – Korczak’s Dream

Coordinator: Prof. Stefania LucchettiThe choir, trained by Prof. Morena D’Este, will be made up of Conservatory students and pupils of D. Alighieri school under the supervision of Cecilia Vendrasco. Roberto Gottipavero, the Conservatory’s director, will be the conductor of an orchestra made up of Conservatory students with some additions. These latter will include actor Luigi […]

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Reading Korczak

From October 2023 to January 2024Reading Korczak Workshops in Venice’s primary and secondary schools in conjunction with the Barchetta Blu Association and the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory. The goal is to set up a class court, as Korczak did, to analyse real cases put forward by children, discuss disputes and develop community life rules. The following […]

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