Our mission

is to disseminate and celebrate a volunteer work culture, encouraging people to take part in community life through the power of art and music.

Our aim is to support and promote musical activities and events serving a higher purpose and with a positive social impact.

Our musical and cultural goals

Supporting and promoting young composers in conjunction with Venice Conservatory in the context of its young composer competition.

Promoting classical music and opera in Venice’s primary schools and supporting the Barchetta Blu Association’s concerts in Venice.

Setting up the foundation’s publication archive, including music notes, librettos and programmes.

Our Values

Inclusiveness: we set great store by inclusiveness and commit to giving musicians of all genders, identities and nationalities the chance to take part in the institute’s work, with no discrimination of any kind.

Support: we believe in supporting all music and the work of all musicians without distinction, and commit to supplying different channels for the various musical expressions.

Fairness: fairness and impartiality are central to our selection process and no discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics is allowed here.

Diversity: we value diversity and aim to create a musical community based on a variety of backgrounds, views and perspectives.