The Institute

The Korczak Institute for New Music is a foundation whose goal is to promote and support the musical work of young musicians. The Institute is based in Venice and its name is a tribute to Janusz Korczak, Polish educationalist, writer and doctor of Jewish origin who died in the Holocaust.

Closely linked to the Venice Conservatory, the Korczak Institute for New Music is ready to enchant you with new music.

Mission and values

The Korczak Institute for New Music aims to use the power of art and music to encourage people to take part in community life. It therefore aims to support and promote musical activities and events, especially opera and classical music serving a higher purpose and with a positive social impact.

Inclusiveness, support, fairness and diversity are the institutes’s founding values.



Composer Shlomi Frige, President, Artistic Director and founder of the Korczak Institute for New Music, welcomes you.



The Korczak Institute for New Music’s main partners are the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory and the Barchetta Blu Association in Venice. The former – one of Europe’s pre-eminent conservatories – hosts the Korczak Institute’s musical activities, while the latter is a research centre which designs and organises services and initiatives for children, families and those working with children.

And that’s not all. The Institute is always open to new working relationships with bodies and associations sharing its values in order to work together in accordance with its mission.